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Stock Transfer Agent and Registrar:
For Alliant Energy common stock and all preferred stock of Wisconsin Power and Light Company and Interstate Power and Light Company, contact:

EQ Shareowner Services
P.O. Box 64854
St. Paul, MN 55164-0854
Phone: 800-356-5343

Shareowner Services Contact for Individual Shareowners:
If you are an individual shareowner and have questions regarding your account or Alliant Energy, please direct your inquiries to:

Kelli Dickinson - Administrator, Shareowner Services
P.O. Box 14720
Madison, WI 53708-0720
Phone: 1-608-458-3974
Fax: (608) 458-3321

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Investor Contacts
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Investor Relations Contact for Analysts and Institutional Investors:
If you are a buy-side or sell-side analyst or an institutional investor and have questions regarding Alliant Energy, please direct your inquiries to:

Susan Gille, Investor Relations Manager
Alliant Energy Corporation
4902 N. Biltmore Lane
Madison, WI 53718-2148
Phone: (608) 458-3956

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