Financial Highlights (Year-end 2023)
Category Dollar Amount
Operating revenues $4 billion
Operating income $943 million
Income from continuing operations, net of tax $703 million
Earnings per average common share (basic) $2.78
Earnings per average common share (diluted) $2.78
Dividends declared per common share $1.81
Construction and acquisition expenditures $1,854 million
Total assets $21.2 billion
Utility Operations
Category Electricity/Gas Amount
Maximum peak hour demand 5,856 megawatts
Total Utility Electric Sales (thousands of MWh) 32,587
Electric customers 998,896
Natural gas customers 428,143
Category Stock Information
Total common shareowners 20,547
Total common shares outstanding 256,096,848
Trading symbol for common stock on the Nasdaq LNT
Category Employee Count
Full-and part-time employees 3,281

All data as of December 31, 2023